We are the largest political group on campus. From registering voters to supporting campaigns, we are dedicated to getting students and the Stanford community politically engaged. With members from all disciplines and backgrounds, the Stanford Democrats represent a diverse group. The issues we are involved in mirror this diversity and we actively put on events that attract a wide range of students and faculty. We believe “patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.”

Our Team


Announcing new leadership as of 2017!

Gabe Rosen President
I’m excited to serve as President of the Stanford Democrats, alongside my Vice President Matt Wigler, because I want to put my years of experience as an Executive Board member of various Democratic organizations to work on behalf of the Stanford community. During my service on the Boards of the Manhattan Young Democrats and the New York State Young Democrats, I undertook outreach efforts to local high schools in the interest of encouraging civic engagement. As Chairman of the New York State High School Democrats, I forged coalitions with state and national affiliates to expand membership and participated in national voter registration initiatives. I have also served as a National Committee member of the High School Democrats of America, with whom I helped coordinate national priorities and launched expansion efforts. Additionally, during my service on the Public Policy and Judicial committees of the Community Free Democrats I gained a greater understanding for organizational logistics while aiding in the planning of Judicial Forums and other advocacy events. I have also served the past year as the Financial Manager for the Stanford Democrats and am proud to have ensured our organization always had the money it needed for its operations.

Matthew Wigler Vice President
As a life-long party activist and incorrigible political junkie, Matthew Wigler is eager to step up and offer his leadership to the Stanford Dems as Vice President this coming year. Eight campaign cycles with the Democratic Party – and almost as many turns interning at various government offices – have trained him in the skills and strategies we need to build a strong political organization on campus. After being swept into the Obama campaign as a kid in 2008, even crossing state lines to knock doors, Wigler grew up with his local Democratic Party in New York, serving as a field organizer on a series of campaigns. Amongst other tools, Wigler has the kind of advocacy experience necessary to make certain that our perspectives as young Democrats are received and adopted by party leadership at all levels of government. He imagines an expanded role for the Stanford Democrats, using the group as the kind of real catalyst for direct action and change on a campus, state, and national level that our mission demands. He hopes to empower the Stanford Dems to reach their full potential as a prominent and extroverted facilitator for our budding activism. Young Democrats deserve to be taken seriously on campus and off. As Vice President, Matthew Wigler will make sure that our voices and our efforts have an impact worthy of our aspirations.


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